Honda CR-V: If a Tire Goes Flat / Storing the Flat Tire

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Handling the Unexpected / If a Tire Goes Flat / Storing the Flat Tire


Loose items can fly around the interior in a crash and can seriously injure the occupants.

Store the wheel, jack, and tools securely before driving.

  1. Remove the center cap.

    Honda CR-V. Storing the Flat Tire

  2. Remove the cargo area lid as shown.

    Honda CR-V. Storing the Flat Tire

  3. Place the flat tire face down in the spare tire well.
  4. Remove the spacer cone from the wing bolt, flip it over, and insert it back on the bolt. Secure the flat tire with the wing bolt.
  5. Securely store the wheel nut wrench and jack handle bar back in the tool bag. Store the bag in the cargo area properly.
  6. Store the jack in its holder. Turn the jack’s end bracket to lock it in place.

    Honda CR-V. Storing the Flat Tire

    Replacing the Flat Tire

    Do not over tighten the wheel nuts by applying extra torque using your foot or a pipe. Remove the wheel nuts and flat tire. Wipe the mounting surfaces of the wheel with a clean cloth...

    TPMS and the Compact Spare Tire

    If you replace a flat tire with the spare tire, the low tire pressure/TPMS indicator comes on while you are driving. After driving for a few miles (kilometers), the indicator will start blinking for a short time and then stay on...

    Other information:

    Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual: Auto Idle Stop Activates When:

    The vehicle stops with the shift lever in and the brake pedal depressed. When you shift into quickly with depressing the brake pedal, the Auto Idle Stop continues to operate, even if the brake pedal is released. If you move the shift lever slowly, the engine may automatically restarts...

    Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual: Customer Service Information

    Honda dealership personnel are trained professionals who should be able to deal with any problems you may encounter with your vehicle. If, however, you are faced with a problem that they cannot resolve to your satisfaction, contact Honda Client Relations/Services...


    Driver Attention Monitor

    The Driver Attention Monitor analyzes steering inputs to determine if the vehicle is being driven in a manner consistent with drowsy or inattentive driving. If it determines that the vehicle is being driven in such a manner, it will display the degree of the driver's attention in the Driver Information Interface.

    Honda CR-V. Driver Attention Monitor

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