Honda CR-V: Handling the Unexpected / Engine Does Not Start

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Handling the Unexpected / Engine Does Not Start

TPMS and the Compact Spare Tire

If you replace a flat tire with the spare tire, the low tire pressure/TPMS indicator comes on while you are driving. After driving for a few miles (kilometers), the indicator will start blinking for a short time and then stay on...

Checking the Engine

If the engine does not start, check the starter. If you must start the vehicle immediately, use an assisting vehicle or booster battery to jump start it...

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Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual: Tire Labeling

The tires that came on your vehicle have a number of markings. Those you should be aware of are described below. Tire Sizes Whenever tires are replaced, they should be replaced with tires of the same size. Following is an example of tire size with an explanation of what each component means...

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual: Switching the Display



Sunglasses Holder

To open the sunglasses holder, press and release the indent. To close, press it again until it latches.

You can store eyeglasses and other small items in this holder.

Honda CR-V. Sunglasses Holder

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