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Honda CR-V. HondaLink® Menu

Places *

Displays restaurants, gas stations, Honda dealers, etc. and provides navigation instructions to those locations via the navigation system.


Displays instruction messages when the vehicle needs service.

Help & Support

Displays tips on vehicle usage and provides information on roadside assistance and the customer service center.

Messages from Honda

Displays helpful and important information from Honda.

Weather *

Displays a weekly five-day weather forecast for any location you want. You can change the ZIP Code at any time.

* Not available on all models


    HondaLink® connects you to the latest information from Honda. You can connect your phone wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®. The HondaLink® connect app is compatible with most iPhone and Android phones...

    To Set Up to Connect HondaLink® Service

    Use the following procedure to connect to the HondaLink® service. To enable the HondaLink® service Select . Select Settings. Select Info. Select the HondaLink tab...

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    Driver Attention Monitor

    The Driver Attention Monitor analyzes steering inputs to determine if the vehicle is being driven in a manner consistent with drowsy or inattentive driving. If it determines that the vehicle is being driven in such a manner, it will display the degree of the driver's attention in the Driver Information Interface.

    Honda CR-V. Driver Attention Monitor

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