Honda CR-V: Playing AM/FM Radio / Scan

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Features / Audio System Basic Operation / Playing AM/FM Radio / Scan

Samples each of the strongest stations on the selected band for 10 seconds. To turn off scan, select Cancel or Honda CR-V. Scan.

    Station List

    Lists the strongest stations on the selected band. Select the open/close icon to display a list. Select the Station List tab. Select the station. Manual update Updates your available station list at any time...

    HD Subchannel

    Models with HD Radio™ Displays the subchannel list when an HD Radio™ station is selected while listening to an FM station. Select MENU. Select HD Radio Subchannel...

    Other information:

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    Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual: Shifting

    Change the shift position in accordance with your driving needs. You cannot turn the ignition switch to LOCK *1 and remove the key unless the shift lever is in . The vehicle may move forward very slightly even in while the engine is cold. Depress the brake pedal firmly and, when necessary, apply the parking brake...


    Your Vehicle's Safety Features

    Honda CR-V. Your Vehicle's Safety Features

    The following checklist will help you take an active role in protecting yourself and your passengers.

    Your vehicle is equipped with many features that work together to help protect you and your passengers during a crash.

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