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Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Features / Audio System Basic Operation / Apple CarPlay™ / Setting Up Apple CarPlay™

After you have connected your iPhone to the system via the 1.5A USB port, use the following procedure to set up Apple CarPlay™ . Use of Apple CarPlay™ will result in the transmission of certain user and vehicle information (such as vehicle location, speed, and status) to your iPhone to enhance the Apple CarPlay™ experience. You will need to consent to the sharing of this information on the Display Audio Screen.

Enabling Apple CarPlay™

Enable once: Allows only once. (Prompt shows again next time.)

Always Enable: Allows anytime. (Prompt does not show again.)

Cancel: Does not allow this consent.

Honda CR-V. Setting Up Apple CarPlay™

You may change the consent settings under the Smartphone settings menu.

You can also use the method below to set up Apple CarPlay™:

Select HOME→Settings→Smartphone→Apple CarPlay

Use of user and vehicle information

The use and handling of user and vehicle information transmitted to/from your iPhone by Apple CarPlay™ is governed by the Apple iOS terms and conditions and Apple’s Privacy Policy.

    Apple CarPlay™

    If you connect an Apple CarPlay™ -compatible iPhone to the system via the 1.5A USB port, you can use the audio/information screen, instead of the iPhone display, to make a phone call, listen to music, view maps (navigation), and access messages...

    Operating Apple CarPlay™ with Siri®

    Press and hold the (Talk) button to activate Siri®. Below are examples of questions and commands for Siri®. What movies are playing today? Call dad at work...

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