Honda CR-V: SiriusXM® Radio Service* / Subscribing to SiriusXM® Radio

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Features / General Information on the Audio System / SiriusXM® Radio Service* / Subscribing to SiriusXM® Radio

  1. You need your radio ID ready before registering for subscription. To see the ID on the screen, select Channel to 0.
  2. Have your radio ID ready, and either call or visit the SiriusXM® website to subscribe.

Contact Information for SiriusXM® Radio:

  • U.S.: SiriusXM® Radio at, or 1-866-635-2349
  • Canada: SiriusXM® Canada at, or 1-877-209-0079

    SiriusXM® Radio Service*


    Receiving SiriusXM® Radio

    Switch to the SiriusXM® mode by using the ENTER button on the steering wheel, or through the audio/information screen, and stay in this mode for about 30 minutes until the service is activated...

    Other information:

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    How the Front Airbags Work

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    While your seat belt restrains your torso, the front airbag provides supplemental protection for your head and chest.

    The front airbags deflate immediately so that they won't interfere with the driver's visibility or the ability to steer or operate other controls.

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