Honda CR-V: Braking / Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™ )

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Driving / Braking / Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™ )

Can assist you when there is a possibility of your vehicle colliding with a vehicle or a pedestrian detected in front of yours. The CMBS™ is designed to alert you when a potential collision is determined, as well as to reduce your vehicle speed to help minimize collision severity when a collision is deemed unavoidable.

Important Safety Reminder

The CMBS™ is designed to reduce the severity of an unavoidable collision. It does not prevent collision nor stop the vehicle automatically. It is still your responsibility to operate the brake pedal and steering wheel appropriately according to the driving conditions.

The CMBS™ may not activate or may not detect a vehicle in front of your vehicle under certain conditions:

You can read about handling information for the camera equipped with this system.

Be careful not to have radar sensor cover strongly impacted.

How the system works

Honda CR-V. (CMBS™ )

When the CMBS™ activates, it may automatically apply the brake. It will be canceled when your vehicle stops or a potential collision is not determined.

When the system activates

Honda CR-V. (CMBS™ )

At system’s earliest collision alert stage, you can change the distance (Long/ Normal/Short) between vehicles at which alerts will come on through the driver information interface * or the audio/information screen * setting options.

* Not available on all models

The camera in the CMBS™ is also designed to detect pedestrians.

However, this pedestrian detection feature may not activate or may not detect a pedestrian in front of your vehicle under certain conditions.

Refer to the ones indicating the pedestrian detection limitations from the list.

Brake Assist System

Designed to assist the driver by generating greater braking force when you depress the brake pedal hard during emergency braking. Brake assist system operation Press the brake pedal firmly for more powerful braking...

Collision Alert Stages

The system has three alert stages for a possible collision. However, depending on circumstances, the CMBS™ may not go through all of the stages before initiating the last stage...

Other information:

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Seat Belt Reminder

Honda CR-V. Seat Belt Reminder

The seat belt system includes an indicator on the instrument panel to remind the driver or a front passenger or both to fasten their seat belts.

If the ignition switch is turned to ON Honda CR-V. Seat Belt Reminder *1 and a seat belt is not fastened, a beeper will sound and the indicator will blink. After a few seconds, the beeper will stop and the indicator will come on and remain illuminated until the seat belt is fastened.

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