Honda CR-V: Playing SiriusXM® Radio* / Listening to Featured Channels

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Features / Audio System Basic Operation / Playing SiriusXM® Radio* / Listening to Featured Channels

Suggested channel listing received from SiriusXM® can be displayed and selected.

  1. Select the open/close icon to display a channel list.
  2. Select the Channel tab.
  3. Select the featured channel list title you want to listen to.
    • The selected channel list of the title is displayed.
  4. Select the channel.

Up to three featured channels by SiriusXM® can be displayed.

Featured channel lists are at the top of the channel list.

    Preset Memory

    To store a channel: Tune to the selected channel. Press and hold the preset number for the station you want to store. Select OK. You can also store a channel by the following procedure...

    Replay Function

    The system can record up to the last 60 minutes of your currently tuned channel’s broadcast, as well as the last 30 minutes of your preset channel’s broadcast, starting from the moment you turn the vehicle on...

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    Using the Master Door Lock Switch

    Press the master door lock switch in as shown to lock or unlock all doors and the tailgate.

    Honda CR-V. Using the Master Door Lock Switch

    When you lock/unlock the driver’s door using the master door lock switch, all the other doors and the tailgate lock/unlock at the same time.

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