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Add phonetic modifications of difficult or foreign words so that it is easier for SBV to recognize artists, songs, albums, and composers in voice commands when searching for music on the USB flash drive or iPod.

  1. Select Honda CR-V. Phonetic Modification.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select System.
  4. Select the Voice Recog. tab.
  5. Select Song by Voice Phonetic Modification.
  6. Select New Modification.
  7. Select USB or iPod.

    Honda CR-V. Phonetic Modification

  8. Select the item to modify (e.g., Artist).
    • The list of the selected item appears on the screen.
  9. Select an entry to modify.
    • The pop-up menu appears on the screen.
    • To listen to the current phonetic modification, select Play.
    • To delete the current phonetic modification, select Delete.
  10. Select Modify.
  11. Select the phonetic spelling you want to use (e.g., “Artist A”) when prompted.
  12. Select Done.
    • The artist “No Name” is phonetically modified to “Artist A.” When in the SBV mode, you can press the Honda CR-V. Phonetic Modification (Talk) button and use the voice command “Play ‘Artist A’” to play songs by the artist “No Name.”

Honda CR-V. Phonetic Modification

Song by Voice Phonetic Modification is grayed out when Song By Voice is set to Off.

You can store up to 2,000 phonetic modification items.

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