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To pair a cell phone (No phone has been paired to the system)

  1. Press the Honda CR-V. Phone Setup button or the Honda CR-V. Phone Setup button.
  2. Make sure your phone is in search or discoverable mode.
  3. Rotate Honda CR-V. Phone Setup to select Yes, then press Honda CR-V. Phone Setup.
    • The audio system will enter a waiting mode for pairing.
  4. Select HandsFreeLink ® from your phone.
    • If you want to pair a phone from this audio system, press Honda CR-V. Phone Setup and follow the prompts.
    • When your phone appears on the list, select it by pressing Honda CR-V. Phone Setup.
  5.  The system gives you a pairing code on the audio/information screen.
    • Confirm if the pairing code on the screen and your phone match.

    This may vary by phone.

  6. A notification appears on the screen if pairing is successful.

Honda CR-V. Phone Setup

Your Bluetooth-compatible phone must be paired to HFL before you can make and receive hands-free calls.

Phone Pairing Tips:

  • You cannot pair your phone while the vehicle is moving.
  • Up to six phones can be paired.
  • Your phone’s battery may drain faster when it is paired to HFL.
  • If your phone is not ready for pairing or not found by the system within 30 seconds, the system will time out and return to idle.

Once you have paired a phone, you can see it displayed on the screen with one or two icons on the right side.

These icons indicate the following:

Honda CR-V. Phone Setup : The phone can be used with HFL.

Honda CR-V. Phone Setup : The phone is compatible with Bluetooth® Audio.

When pairing a phone from this audio system: If your phone doesn’t appear on the audio/ information screen, select Refresh and search for Bluetooth® devices using your phone. From your phone, select HandsFreeLink ® .

To change the currently paired phone

  1. Go to the phone settings screen.
  2. Select Bluetooth Device List.
  3. Select a phone to connect.
    • HFL disconnects the connected phone and starts searching for another paired phone.
  4. Select ConnectHonda CR-V. Phone Setup  Honda CR-V. Phone Setup, Connect Honda CR-V. Phone Setup, or Connect Honda CR-V. Phone Setup.

Honda CR-V. Phone Setup

If no other phones are found or paired when trying to switch to another phone, HFL will inform you that the original phone is connected again.

To pair other phones, select Add Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth Device List screen.

To change the Bluetooth® connection priority device setting, select Priority Device Settings from the Bluetooth Device List screen.

To change the pairing code setting

  1. Select Honda CR-V. Phone Setup.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Bluetooth / Wi-Fi.
  4. Select the Bluetooth tab.
  5. Select Edit Pairing Code.
  6. Select Random or Fixed.

Honda CR-V. Phone Setup

The default pairing code is 0000 until you change the setting.

To create your own, select Fixed, and delete the current code, then enter a new one.

For a randomly generated pairing code each time you pair a phone, select Random.

To delete a paired phone

  1. Go to the phone settings screen.
  2. Select Bluetooth Device List.
  3. Select a phone you want to delete.
  4. Select Delete.
  5. A confirmation message appears on the screen. Select Yes.

Honda CR-V. Phone Setup

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