Honda CR-V: Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® / HFL Menus

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Features / Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® / HFL Menus

The ignition switch must be in ACCESSORY (q or ON Honda CR-V. HFL Menus to use HFL.

Honda CR-V. HFL Menus

*1: Appears only when a phone is connected to HFL.

Honda CR-V. HFL Menus

Honda CR-V. HFL Menus

Honda CR-V. HFL Menus

HFL Status Display

The audio/information screen notifies you when there is an incoming call. The information that appears on the audio/information screen varies between phone models...

Phone Setup

To pair a cell phone (No phone has been paired to the system) Press the button or the button. Make sure your phone is in search or discoverable mode...

Other information:

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

Provides steering input to help keep the vehicle in the middle of a detected lane and provides tactile and visual alerts if the vehicle is detected drifting out of its lane. Important Safety Reminders The LKAS is for your convenience only. It is not a substitute for your vehicle control...

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Exterior Care

Dust off the vehicle body after you drive. Regularly inspect your vehicle for scratches on painted surfaces. A scratch on a painted surface can result in body rust. If you find a scratch, promptly repair it. Washing the Vehicle Wash the vehicle regularly...


Using the Master Door Lock Switch

Press the master door lock switch in as shown to lock or unlock all doors and the tailgate.

Honda CR-V. Using the Master Door Lock Switch

When you lock/unlock the driver’s door using the master door lock switch, all the other doors and the tailgate lock/unlock at the same time.

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