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To cancel the LKAS:

Press the MAIN or LKAS button.

The LKAS is turned off every time you stop the engine, even if you turned it on the last time you drove the vehicle.

Honda CR-V. To cancel

Pressing the MAIN button also turns ACC with Low Speed Follow on and off.

The system operation is suspended if you:

  • Set the wipers to continuous operation.
    • Turning the wipers off resumes the LKAS.
  • Decrease the vehicle speed to 40 mph (64 km/h) or less.
    • Increasing the vehicle speed to 45 mph (72 km/h) or more resumes the LKAS.
  • Depress the brake pedal.
    • The LKAS resumes and starts detecting the lane lines again once you release the brake pedal.

Models with automatic intermittent wipers

  • Set the wiper switch to AUTO and the wipers operate continuously.
    • The LKAS resumes when the wipers stop or operate intermittently.

Honda CR-V. To cancel

The LKAS may automatically be suspended when:

  • The system fails to detect lane lines.
  • The steering wheel is quickly turned.
  • You fail to steer the vehicle.
  • The vehicle runs on a curved road over the speed limit.

Once these conditions no longer exist, the LKAS automatically resumes.

The LKAS may automatically be canceled when:

  • The camera temperature gets too high.
  • The camera behind the rearview mirror, or the area around the camera, including the windshield, gets dirty.
  • When driving through a sharp curve.
  • When driving at a speed in excess of approximately 90 mph (145 km/h).
  • When the ABS or VSA® systems engage.

A beeper will sound if the LKAS is automatically canceled.

    When the System can be Used

    The system can be used when the following conditions are met. The lane in which you are driving has detectable lane markers on both sides, and your vehicle is in the center of the lane...

    The LKAS Conditions and Limitations

    The system may not detect lane markings and therefore may not keep the vehicle in the middle of a lane under certain conditions, including the following: Environmental conditions Driving in bad weather (rain, fog, snow, etc...

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