Honda CR-V: Audio System Basic Operation / Wi-Fi Connection

Honda CR-V 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Features / Audio System Basic Operation / Wi-Fi Connection

You can connect the Display Audio to the Internet using Wi-Fi and browse websites or use online services on the audio/information screen. If your phone has wireless hotspot capabilities, the system can be tethered to the phone. Use the following steps to setup.

  1. Select Honda CR-V. Wi-Fi Connection.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Bluetooth / Wi-Fi.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi tab.
  5. Select Wi-Fi On/Off Status, select Next, then On.
  6. Select Yes.

    Honda CR-V. Wi-Fi Connection

  7. Select Wi-Fi Device List.
    • Make sure your phone’s Wi-Fi setting is in access point (tethering) mode.
    • Select the phone you want to connect to the system.
    • If you do not find the phone you want to connect in the list, select Scan.
  8. Select Add.
    • If needed, enter a password for your phone and select Done.
    • When the connection is successful, the Honda CR-V. Wi-Fi Connection icon is displayed on the top of the screen.

    Honda CR-V. Wi-Fi Connection

  9. Select Honda CR-V. Wi-Fi Connection to go back to the home screen.

You cannot go through the setting procedure while a vehicle is moving. Park in a safe place to set the audio system in Wi-Fi mode.

Some cell phone carriers charge for tethering and smartphone data use. Check your phone’s data subscription package.

Check your phone manual to find out if the phone has Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can confirm whether Wi-Fi connection is on or off with the Honda CR-V. Wi-Fi Connection icon on the Wi-Fi Device List screen. Network speed will not be displayed on this screen.

Wi-Fi mode (after the initial setting has been made)

Make sure your phone's Wi-Fi setting is in access point (tethering) mode.

iPhone users

You may need to go through an initial setup for Wi- Fi connection again after you boot your phone.

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