Honda CR-V: Interior Lights/Interior Convenience Items / Center Console Box

Honda CR-V 2017-2024 Owner's Manual / Controls / Interior Lights/Interior Convenience Items / Center Console Box

You can change the position of the tray by sliding it forward or back.

Honda CR-V. Center Console Box

If you want to make greater use of the console box:

  1. Pull the knob to open the armrest.
  2. Slide the tray back.
  3. Hold the front of the tray and pull it up.

Honda CR-V. Center Console Box

    Cargo Area Lights and Glove Box

    Cargo Area Lights The lights come on when you open the tailgate. Glove Box Pull the handle to open the glove box. You can lock the glove box with the master key or the built-in key...

    Under-floor Storage Area

    Pull the strap to open the cargo floor lid. Storing items on the lid at the bottom position This is convenient when storing a tall item. Pull the strap upwards to lift the lid...

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    Advanced Airbags

    The airbags have advanced features to help reduce the likelihood of airbag related injuries to smaller occupants.

    The driver's advanced airbag system includes a seat position sensor.

    Honda CR-V. Advanced Airbags

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