Honda CR-V: Climate Control System / Synchronization Mode*

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Controls / Climate Control System / Synchronization Mode*

* Not available on all models

You can set the temperature synchronously for the driver’s side and the passenger’s side in synchronization mode.

  1. Press the SYNC button.
    • The system switches to synchronization mode.
  2. Adjust the temperature using the driver’s side temperature control dial.
    • Press the SYNC button to return to dual mode.

Honda CR-V. Synchronization Mode*

When the system is in dual mode, the driver’s side temperature and the passenger’s side temperature can be set separately.

    To rapidly defrost the windows

    Press the button. Press the button. After defrosting the windows, switch over to fresh air mode. If you keep the system in recirculation mode, the windows may fog up from humidity...

    Automatic Climate Control Sensors


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    Seat Belt Reminder

    Honda CR-V. Seat Belt Reminder

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    If the ignition switch is turned to ON Honda CR-V. Seat Belt Reminder *1 and a seat belt is not fastened, a beeper will sound and the indicator will blink. After a few seconds, the beeper will stop and the indicator will come on and remain illuminated until the seat belt is fastened.

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