Honda CR-V: Controls / Climate Control System

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Controls / Climate Control System

Rear Cargo Cover*

* Not available on all models The rear cargo cover can be used to conceal items in the cargo area and protect them from direct sunlight. To extend: Slightly lift up on the handle at the center edge of the cover to unhook each end, then pull the cover rearward and clip the mounting rods in the hooks at both sides of the tailgate opening...

Using Automatic Climate Control

The automatic climate control system maintains the interior temperature you select. The system also selects the proper mix of heated or cooled air that raises or lowers the interior temperature to your preference as quickly as possible...

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Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: Phonetic Modification

Add phonetic modifications of difficult or foreign words so that it is easier for SBV to recognize artists, songs, albums, and composers in voice commands when searching for music on the USB flash drive or iPod. Select . Select Settings. Select System...

Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual: What to Do After the Engine Starts

Once your vehicle's engine has started, remove the jumper cables in the following order: Disconnect the jumper cable from your vehicle's ground. Disconnect the other end of the jumper cable from the booster battery   terminal. Disconnect the jumper cable from your vehicle's battery terminal...


Auto High-Beam

The front sensor camera detects the light sources ahead of the vehicle such as the lights of a preceding or oncoming vehicle, or street lights. When you are driving at night, the system automatically switches the headlights between low beam and high beam depending on the situation.

Honda CR-V. Auto High-Beam

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