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Honda CR-V 2017-2022 Owner's Manual / Controls / Climate Control System / Using Automatic Climate Control

The automatic climate control system maintains the interior temperature you select. The system also selects the proper mix of heated or cooled air that raises or lowers the interior temperature to your preference as quickly as possible.

Honda CR-V. Using Automatic Climate Control

Use the system when the engine is running.

  1. Press the AUTO button.
  2. Adjust the interior temperature using the temperature control dial. (Models without SYNC button)

    Adjust the interior temperature using the driver’s side or passenger’s side control dial. (Models with SYNC button)

  3. Press the Honda CR-V. Using Automatic Climate Control (on/off) button to cancel.

Press the CLIMATE button to display A/C, MODE, fan control information on the audio/information screen to operate manually. Select icon to turn on or off A/C, change the vent mode, or change the fan speed.

If any buttons are pressed while using the climate control system in auto, the function of the button that was pressed will take priority.

The AUTO indicator will go off, but functions unrelated to the button that were pressed will be controlled automatically.

During idle-stops, air-conditioning is suspended, and only the blower remains active.

If you do not want air-conditioning suspended, press the Auto Idle Stop OFF button to cancel idle-stop.

To prevent cold air from blowing in from outside, the fan may not start immediately when the AUTO button is pressed.

If the interior is very warm, you can cool it down more rapidly by partially opening the windows, turning the system on auto, and setting the temperature to low. Change the fresh mode to recirculation mode until the temperature cools down.

When you set the temperature to the lower or upper limit, Lo or Hi is displayed.

Climate Control System


Switching between the recirculation and fresh air modes

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