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Honda CR-V. Using the audio/information screen

Select Honda CR-V. Using the audio/information screen to go to the home screen.

Select the following icons on the home screen or after selecting Honda CR-V. Using the audio/information screen App List.


Displays the HFL information.

Touchscreen operation

  • Use simple gestures - including touching, swiping and scrolling - to operate certain audio functions.
  • Some items may be grayed out during driving to reduce the potential for distraction.
  • You can select them when the vehicle is stopped or use voice commands.
  • Wearing gloves may limit or prevent touchscreen response.

You can change the touchscreen sensitivity setting.


Displays Trip Computer, Voice Info, Clock/Wallpaper, or System/Device Information. Select MENU on the Info Menu screen to see all available options: Trip Computer, Voice Info, Clock/Wallpaper and System/Device Information.

Trip Computer:

Current Drive tab: Displays the current trip information.

History of Trip A tab: Displays information for the three previous drives. The information is stored every time you reset Trip A.

To delete the history manually, select Delete history on the History of Trip A tab. The confirmation message appears on the screen, then select Yes.

Voice Info: Displays the All Commands list.

Clock/Wallpaper: Displays the clock and wallpaper.

System/Device Information:

  • System Info: Displays the software version of the audio system.
  • USB Info: Displays the memory usage of the USB device.

    Switching the Display

    Using the (display/information) button Press the (display/information) button to change the display. You can edit, add, and delete the contents shown on the driver information interface...

    Changing the Home Screen Icon Layout

    Select . Select and hold an icon. The screen switches to the customization screen. Drag and drop the icon to where you want it to be. Select OK...

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    Using the Master Door Lock Switch

    Press the master door lock switch in as shown to lock or unlock all doors and the tailgate.

    Honda CR-V. Using the Master Door Lock Switch

    When you lock/unlock the driver’s door using the master door lock switch, all the other doors and the tailgate lock/unlock at the same time.

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