Honda CR-V: Operating the Switches Around the Steering Wheel / Daytime Running Lights

Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual / Controls / Operating the Switches Around the Steering Wheel / Daytime Running Lights

The parking/daytime running lights come on when the following conditions have been met:

  • The ignition switch is in ON Honda CR-V. Daytime Running Lights *1 .
  • The headlight switch is AUTO, OFF * or Honda CR-V. Daytime Running Lights.
  • The parking brake is released.

*1: Models with the smart entry system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an ignition switch.

* Not available on all models

The lights remain on even if you set the parking brake. Turning off the ignition switch or setting the power mode to VEHICLE OFF will turn off the daytime running lights.

The daytime running lights are off once the headlight switch is turned on, or when the headlight switch is in AUTO and it is getting darker outside.

    How to Turn Off the Auto High-Beam

    You can turn the auto high-beam system off. If you want to turn the system off or on, turn the ignition switch to ON *1 , then carry out the following procedures while the vehicle is stationary...

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    Honda CR-V 2017-2023 Owner's Manual: Climate Control Commands *1

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